Recreation Funding

Ricky Shirah is an avid sportsman and realizes that recreation is vital to our state. Ricky owns a hunting lease where he enjoys family time with his children and grandchildren. Ricky realizes that we must maintain a balance with nature and has participated many times with the states Gator Permit Hunting program. The meat is professionally processed and sold at his booth at the Lakeland Pig Fest and Smoke on the Water. Ricky has received many awards for his Bar-B-Q. Ricky is the type of person who will probably have his grills follow him to Tallahassee and have a Polk Style Party for all his new friends.

Youth sports, FFA youth fairs, state parks or just growing up, swinging from a rope into the lake – all are part of what drives Ricky to go to Tallahassee. We need to make sure the next generation has these same things we had as kids and we need to make sure they continue to be financed.