Public Education

Ricky graduated from Kathleen High School and knows the value of public education. He opposes the transfer of public funds to private schools.  Ricky wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth so he appreciates that most families can't afford to pay extra for expensive private schools. He believes that all children deserve the benefit of a good education. He will support our local school boards in their fight to take control back from Tallahassee.

As a former local student and parent and grandparent of children who attended public schools locally, Ricky knows first hand how important it is to invest in our children. We must provide the necessary resources for early childhood education in order to prepare students to be responsible citizens and equip them with the knowledge and skills to compete in the new economy. Educated, highly skilled public school graduates contribute to a thriving economy.

Ricky supports public education. The first bill that Ricky will file will be to use the lottery funds for their intended use – to supplement vocational, public and higher education. Instead the politicians in Tallahassee use it as the general fund. This is wrong! Voters thought they were supporting education when they voted for the lottery. This bill, when passed, will help us to achieve the following:

  • Fight to fund critical staffing areas identified in 2017 by the Florida Board of Education.
  • Make teacher pay competitive and keep up with inflation. We currently rank 47th out of 50 states in competitiveness of teacher salaries.
  • Invest in higher education, making it affordable for adults transitioning from other careers.