Good Governance

Democracy thrives when government is inclusive, responsive, transparent and accountable to all its citizens. These values foster public trust, participation, and collaboration.  Floridians have a right to know how their State Representative votes and know that those votes are not being influenced by campaign contributions from interest groups.

Ricky believes that bills and legislation need to be a bipartisan activity. A representative must be willing to work with all sides in the best interest of his district. Ricky will bring honesty and leadership experience to the Florida House. He is a self-made businessman who has not been bought and paid for by special interest groups. Ricky realizes our District is made up of many different people and that we need to balance environmental, educational, agri-business, fiscal and community needs. Above all, we must work together.

Ricky will support legislation that will require all committee and subcommittee votes to be recorded to promote transparency in governance. He will support campaign finance limits.

Ricky does not see this election as a stepping-stone to higher office and he is not a surrogate for the moneyed interests that are financing his opponent’s campaign.