Our natural resources are a treasure and a critical necessity that must be preserved for Florida's economic future and our quality of life. Ricky believes in supporting SB462, a bill to ban fracking in Florida. This bill will allow future generations to enjoy clean, fresh drinking water and ensure adequate water supplies for agriculture in the heart of District 39’s breadbasket.  Ricky believes that working across the aisle is the only way we can accomplish our environmental goals in Tallahassee.

Ricky supports funding for open space and land conservation initiatives, innovative programs that encourage the preservation of farmland for agricultural use.  Ricky will explore public and private partnerships to create long-term solutions to preserving green space in our  our community.  Ricky want to preserve and protect parks, ensuring that recreational uses by our citizens will continue for generations to come.

Growing Florida's green economy will be a priority.  Ricky will encourage the use of reusable and recyclable goods to reduce the amount of land necessary for new landfills.